Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hobby Lobby Lust

I have a problem with loving craft shops. We have one tiny scrapbook store in my town and I desire every single thing it stocks. I already own about half but dream of the rest. Hobby Lobby however is a giant superstore of everything I need or want or think I might need sometime in the future. I went today as I am on the hunt for a specific type of cupcake holder. I didn’t find what I needed but I found much I wanted. I am now the proud owner of a frosting edger for around the outside edge of cakes as I can never get them to look right. I also got some different cupcake holders as they were on sale and therefore needed. I got some black gel food coloring as my local market never has it in stock. I can’t remember why I needed black but I am sure that I do. I put the football shaped cake pan on my personal wish list as I won a helmet cake pan on E-bay yesterday and have tons of football items like a crock-pot shaped like a football. Someday I might get friends and then I can have a super bowl party! I am excited to get busy using all my new tools to decorate cakes and cookies. We shall see if I can make anything amazing as every time I go to craft stores I get about a million ideas. I am thinking this might be a baking week as I have seen some really great recipes this week. I will report back tomorrow on what I picked to do first.

Oh I forgot that I already used some of my new toys. I made suckers using my new race car molds. It is important to remember to make sure any molds are high temp for hard candy as I made grape hard suckers and they are hotter then chocolate candy. I can guarantee that it is very hot as I really burned my finger badly. I make candy often but this is the first time I splashed myself. OUCH!!! I wish I knew what to use as the FDA says corn syrup is natural but I don't kno whaqt else to use so.....I do use corn syrup in my recipe. Here is the link to my recipe. Here is little man unable to wait to get one. The race cars have more definition in real life. the powdered sugar to keep them from sticking also highlights the details.



tennesue said...

If you're going to be cooking syrup, go to your doctor and ask him for a prescription for silver sulfide ointment. If you do burn yourself, this is the best thing to keep you from having scars all over (former pastry chef). Ask him about its use for children just in case you need it sometime. This is great stuff, and you don't want to suffer burn blisters from hot sugar or the accidental touch of the hot oven door.

organic mom said...

Thank you for the great advice. I often burn myself and I think the sugar was the most painful.