Saturday, August 2, 2008

Update on the cookie flowers

My sister loved it! She thought I bought it at a store!! That made me so happy.

Before I took it over to her I wrapped each flower in a clear poly d├ęcor bag and closed it with some curling ribbon. I sealed it as tight as I could so it would last so she could look at it for a few days before eating. I also wrapped a bright ribbon tied with a bow around it.

I didn’t get to see her when I dropped it off as she was having a very bad day and was asleep when I went over but her hubby took it for her. She called me later after she got up. She sounded so happy so I was pleased. It will be quite some time before she is better but I am glad I was able to make her smile.

Thank you to everyone for the compliments I really appreciated the advice and opinions of everyone.

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