Friday, August 8, 2008

My day to burn!

I was making strawberry cheesecake muffins today and didn’t hear the timer go off. After 45 minutes I started to smell that smell and lo and behold –black as night! Ok, so maybe I was distracted. I had ordered some cinnamon oil earlier in the week and it came today so I thought I would make some jolly ranchers. Cinnamon is hubby’s favorite flavor and so he asked me to make them so I was thinking of what time I would start them. I haven’t burned two things in one day in years! I was so annoyed with myself I made hubby go thru a drive thru for dinner as I was to nervous to cook. Oh well tomorrow is another day and I have cooking to do tomorrow as I need to make cookies and also the candy. I hope I don’t burn anything. Do you ever have a day when nothing at all goes right?


Cinnamon said...

Make sure that your Cinnamon oil is made of real Cinnamon and not Cassia.

Cassia has a chemical called coumarin which could be toxic.

Please click the below link to read more

organic mom said...

Hi cinn,I think it is pure oil but how can I tell? Thanks for the info as I make suckers a LOT. :)