Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday quick pasta dinner

A good pasta sauce simmers slowly all day getting dark and thick. I did not have all day but I still think it came out delish. This is a perfect meal in 30 minutes start to finish. I think of the pasta sauce as cheater sauce as it is;

1 bottle of pasta sauce
1 med onion chopped
3 large cloves garlic, I grate it so they melt all away in the sauce.
16 oz mushrooms sliced thick so they hold up well
Pinch of rosemary
¼ handful of parsley dried as my herb plant is having “issues”
¼ handful dried oregano
I Mortar and pestle the herbs to release the oils
2 Tablespoons olive oil I used no meat and so I need the fat.
1/3 cup water

I get the oil hot add the garlic and onion and let sweat till onions are a bit translucent.. Ass the mushrooms and still so the mushrooms get a but of the garlic oil all over them then add the jar of pasta sauce and water and herbs. Let simmer about 30 minutes. While it cooks make whatever pasta you want. While the water is getting to the boil point get the garlic butter on the bread;

4 Tablespoons room temp butter
4 cloves of garlic grated or chopped fine
1 loaf Italian bread sliced in half

Have the oven preheated at 350 degrees. Mix the butter and garlic and spread over the bread pop into oven for 10 minutes. It is just the perfect mix of butter and garlic without it being greasy and after 10minutes it is lightly brown and crisp but not burned. I always mess up if I use the broiler so this takes care of that problem. I was buying my garlic bread but again a lot of unknown items for a small level of convenience. This I know exactly what I am eating and it isn’t greasy like the pre made bread tends to be, and really it is no work at all.

Hope all had a safe and happy weekend.


Robin Sue said...

Hi-Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Oh I love your flower cookies, so cute! I'll have to look around more as I am trying to health up my family too.

organic mom said...

I am so glad you liked my flowers. I hope you enjoyed my blog as I really loved so many of your great ideas.