Friday, August 22, 2008

It's BLT time

I think I know when I like a tomato. Slather it in Mayo and peppered bacon and they are delish! I was going to take a picture but it got eaten so fast I didn't get a chance. The Dairy here in town has a man that grows tomatoes when he feels like it and they are producing now. (If he doesn't want to grow them he just doesn't plant any.) But they are so fresh and pretty they have that smell unlike what you can find in a box store tomato. My daughter (she is 3) adores tomatoes and she ate 2 whole tomatoes at lunch and wanted more but I don't want her to get an upset tummy. I am very lucky that both my kids love their veggies. Carrots are often served for dessert. How crazy is that??? But anyhoo as I am supposed to have recipes;

Perfection on bread

2 slices of white bread (store bought or homemade)
1 luscious red tomato
a few leaves of butter lettuce
Mayo (store bought or homemade)

Slather the bread with mayo stack lettuce then tomato then bacon then bread again. I like mayo on one side and bacon on the other piece of bread to balance the fats . Does that count as a balanced diet?

In my defense my mayo is made with olive oil and is low fat but still has the right taste to it.

So that is it a yummy bit of summer as it seems like we are getting near the end, for the past few days it has been so cool and wonderful it is hard to believe it is still summer. Fall is my favorite season so I am ready!

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