Thursday, August 21, 2008

grilled stuft burrito

I made enchiladas the other night and had some of the bits and pieces were left over. I assumed that I could just mix it all up and boom lunchtime! I used premade enchilada sauce and had a little left so I mixed it in there as well. I had buffalo meat cooked with onion and some taco seasoning. I had some Spanish rice. I finished it off with sour cream and cheese, roll it up and put it in a hot pan to crisp up. I think they came out really nice and I used a cast iron fry pan to get a nice crust. I didn’t make the tortillas because I tend to have them laying around for wraps, I am WAY to lazy to make tortillas for only 1 or 2. So this is 3 recipes from my first dinner and then the leftover lunch.

To make enchiladas

1 lb ground buffalo

Taco seasoning – you can use premade pkg

1 onion chopped

¼ c water

Enchilada sauce 16 oz can

Cook the buffalo and onion together add taco seasoning and water cook for about 5 minutes- just till the water is gone.
Put ½ enchilada sauce in bottom of a 8x8 pan
Put filling in tortilla and wrap up lay in pan in a row.
Pour rest of sauce over the top and add about ½ c cheese over the top cover with foil bake 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

To make awesome rice

Use the same pot you cooked the buffalo and spices in add 2 cup water, 1 cup rice and ¼ c salsa. You can leave a little of the leftover meat in the pot as well if you want to add another layer flavor. When it starts to boil turn to lowest setting on stovetop and leave alone for 25 minutes.

They should both finish at about the same time. Dinner is done. (and yummy)
If you don’t want to use buffalo just use hamburger, you may need to drain off the fat if you use hamburger meat.
I used all the ingredients (except for cooked enchilada as you don’t want double tortillas) mixed up put in a tortilla with sour cream, cheese and put in a hot lightly oiled pan till it is hot and crispy for next day lunch.

You can use homemade enchilada sauce and your personal favorite spice mix or you can use premade for both.

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