Friday, August 15, 2008

Yogurt try #2

As you can see in the picture- smooth as silk!!!!!!!!!! I did a few things different then my lumpy try number one. I used the same amounts of ingredients;

42 oz raw milk from my local dairy
6 oz Stoneybrook organic yogurt- plain flavor

I boiled the milk longer this time, I allowed it to crawl up the sides in a boil for about 2 minutes (last time I took it off early). Then I allowed it to cool to room temp naturally (last time I used a water bath and let it get cold). I let it cook in the machine for 10 hours (last time I did 8 hours). I also drained the whey off 2 and stirred one and left the rest untouched. The untouched is smoother and perfect so I learned I need to leave it alone. I am so happy and my daughter thought they were perfectly yummy.

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