Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Homemade yogurt Try #1

I made my first batch of yogurt and it tastes good! If you look at the picture it looks more like cottage cheese. The darker color is due to the fact I made vanilla flavor. I like the vanilla as it stains less if my daughter has a spill. I think I know where I went wrong as I messed up a few different steps. I added my entire yogurt to the milk at once and the directions said to add a small amount of milk to the yogurt and mix until smooth. That is why I think it looks chunky. I also don’t think I boiled the milk long enough yesterday. Today I boiled the milk longer and also made it super smooth before I put it in the little cups. I made them all plain except one that I made strawberry to see what it tastes like to cook it that way instead of adding the flavor after, which is what I did yesterday. At 8:30 tonight it will have sat on the heat for 10 hours so let’s see what happens. It does look different today as it is much smoother then yesterday.

42 oz of 2% raw milk from the local dairy (I am lucky) :)
6oz Stoneybrook Farms organic plain yogurt

Cook milk until boils and starts to crawl up the side I stirred it slowly to prevent burning, let cook 2 minutes. Then let sit till room temp or to speed it up use a ice water bath. I forgot to pull it out and it got very cold (another mistake from yesterday). Have the 6 oz yogurt in a bowl and add some of the milk that you let cool to room temperature, mix until smooth I whipped it to get it super smooth. Then if you have a machine divide into 6 oz cups (mine are glass) and set the timer for 8-10 hours depending on what your machine says. If you don’t have a yogurt maker you can look on and they discuss other ways to make yogurt. One of the techniques is to use a heating pad. So come back tomorrow and we can see if I succeeded.

I think I will make yogurt smoothies with the batch that is lumpy.

1 banana
Cup of vanilla yogurt - I think it is runny enough I won't need milk
Half handful berries
Little bit of ice

Blend and eat

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