Wednesday, February 27, 2008


OH NO, I forgot it was Wednesday! I was just preparing to make tomorrow’s treat when I realized today is Wednesday. Not feeling well makes it easier to mix up the days and I was feeling kinds puny this week. I called my hubby and everyone was wondering where the treat was. I did make suckers yesterday, for one of the guys who asked for cinnamon last week. My hubby just told them that is the treat so ….. I may make them something for tomorrow.

I use the highly concentrated flavor you get in the tiny bottle, it is the perfect amount. The smell was so strong when I added the flavor my husband in the next room asked if I spilled an extra bottle. I was worried the flavor would be to strong but once they were shaped and cooled the flavor was perfect. I don’t use artificial colors in my suckers and the cinnamon flavor has no color so they were a light carmely color. They were a big hit with the guys but I better make some cookies for tomorrow.

2 c fair trade organic sugar
1 c water
2/3 c light corn syrup
Powdered sugar for later

Stir till the sugar dissolves and then let it boil without stirring till the candy thermometer reaches 300 degrees then take off heat let the boiling sugar settle and then add 1 dram of flavor. Any flavor is the same recipe I made grape last week for the kids. Immediately start to put in molds or just pour into a silicone pan once cool break it apart. Put it in a plastic bag and add a little powder sugar about a teaspoon should be enough. Shake it up and it will keep the candy from sticking. If you use a mold or make a cute design you can sprinkle more delicately so you don’t break them up. You can use sticks or not depending on what your needs are I use both. I also lay sticks in a silicone mat and with a teaspoon pour a little on each stick I go back after they cool for a minute and add another layer so they are a little thicker but just make sure the sticks are not to close. Just do this quickly as they set up fast as soon as it comes off the heat it starts to set up.

It does seem to take a few minutes to go from 225 to 300 degrees but just leave it alone and let it boil without stirring or bothering it.I always want to rush it but I try to be patient.

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