Saturday, March 1, 2008

National Pig Day

According to the wonderful people at it is national pig day. Now if that isn’t a reason to celebrate what is?
I have been looking for a local butcher that knows his meat and I found one! This may not excite you but in tiny towns in Oklahoma that have a wal-mart and NOTHING else- this is great news. They smoke all there own meat and I happen to have gotten bacon on my voyage yesterday. I am thinking I will make a tuna salad inside a tomato with bacon on the top, still healthy enough to please my cardiologist and yet plenty of tasty bacon.
I believe bacon should be its own food group. I am not normally a fan of meat. I was deeply saddened by the recent news on cattle mistreatment and I rarely ate meat until my doc said no more pasta. BUT, I always loved bacon I know it seems like a double standard and it is- I admit it. If I was stuck on an island with one food I more then likely would pick bacon, even thou I don’t love other parts of the pig i.e. pork chops. Don’t ask me why I am just a little crazy I assume.
More importantly - What will you eat on pig day?

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