Monday, March 31, 2008

$$$$ and groceries

I am sure everyone that reads my blog is super rich and hasn’t noticed high prices at the grocery store.:) Here in the mid west prices on everything are going up. I have family in Indiana and they buy less because prices are so high there. I am noticing how hard it is to buy healthy as the prices are so high. Do you notice that junk food is cheap and things that are good for you are a fortune? I wonder who thought that plan up. I notice that to buy organic is harder then before and there aren’t even any veggies that look good. Where are the veggies? I haven’t seen any good looking veggies in about 4 weeks. I don’t count onions or potatoes by the way. Onions and garlic is more like air, it is in everything I make. I thought it was asparagus time but I have yet to see any. I am hoping that soon will be farmers market open and maybe then……I am feeling forlorn from the lack of ingredients available. Do you have this problem? Am I alone? I am having trouble even thinking up recipes or trying some in my file tonight I made Papa John’s pizza. I had onion and mushroom. Yummy! Here is my recipe

Call in
They deliver
Open box
Inhale the smell
Dish up for kids
Dig in

This is a complicated recipe but worth all the steps.

I hope that everyone had a great March and I welcome a new month as the chance for great things and hopefully great veggies.

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