Tuesday, March 11, 2008

less fat then Mcdee's but just as good

Since I have been diagnosed with diabetes I have now lost 12 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am extremely excited (can you tell?) I have been trying to be super careful because you can eat healthy and still manage to make sweets. For proof see last week’s treat picture, organic chocolate chip cookies. This website isn’t a “diet” blog but I felt so happy I will likely still share when things are going well. The goal of organic and natural eating is to be healthier and be kind to the earth. Weight loss results in a healthier and happier body so it works out for everyone. This morning I was hoping for a mcdee type breakfast so I used a whole grain English muffin and 1 egg scrambled with a little onion and green pepper. This was a great way to add a little veggie early in the day. I toasted my muffin and used Smart Start butter, I miss real butter but I changed at my cardiologist request. I buttered the kid’s muffin with real organic butter. I used a bit of cheese one thin slice of cheddar, about an ounce. Then I simply stacked it up so easy and I got the taste of a buttery biscuit without all the gross things they slather on the biscuits. I don’t always have time to make eggs in the morning but the kids were up by six am that should be against the law, as I don’t have to get up till 7 am. This was a nice change to cook a warm breakfast mid week as the term stay at home mom should be changed to sitting in the minivan mom.

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