Monday, March 24, 2008

Update on TREAT DAY

Well as you know I have a cold so I tried the cookies and thought they were bland but fine. I was WRONG about the fine part. One person actually spit it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK so flavorless in a nasty way. these are now on the NO list for repeats. About half the cookies came home! This is the first time this happened. Hubby told everyone I had a cold and they didn’t want to hurt my feeling but the comments weren’t kind. I was fine with that as I tried a new recipe but I was embarrassed. This didn’t help my slump but I have kind of taken the week off from cooking so I am ready to get out of my slump. I am making the tripe chocolate muffins for treat day so hopefully they are well liked and it can knock me out of my slump. I will post the recipe tomorrow.

Thanks to all who have commented I just so excited when I get a comment. Thanks for being there worldwide as I succeed and fail. Hey, we all learn sometime right?

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