Monday, March 24, 2008

Polenta New Item Of The Week

This is something I heard about and saw but never made. I was at whole foods last month and scooped some out of the bulk bins. It has just been sitting and waiting for me to figure out what to do with it. I thought it was much harder then it was, so I brushed aside my fear and boiled some water. It tasted a bit like grits so I thought you could doll it up or down easily. I just took a little bowl to taste it and I liked it. The rest I poured while hot into a loaf pan to get hard. I am planning to slice it and roast it until crispy, I heard that’s yummy

6 cups boiling water
1 cup polenta that is how the bin was labeled
About 1 t of salt you could do however much or little you like

Whisk the polenta into the boiling water so it’s not lumpy and just stir till it firms up it took like two min I turned the heat lower as I stirred as it bubbled furiously and I didn’t want to get burned or burn it. I was surprised how fast it cooked I thought it would take an hr I was misinformed but I love how fast it was a super easy side dish. I saw something that used spicy shrimp in the middle while it is still hot and soft so I may try that next. If you do something yummy please share as I love “new item of the week” time

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