Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday is In-Law Day

Every Sunday that we can my mother and father in law come to dinner. They live across the road from us and I try to make sure we see them often as my kids love them. Today I am thinking a large roasted chicken. I got a gorgeous chicken from my new butcher and it is rather large so this is perfect. I am going to make a lemon and onion stuffed chicken. I cook my chicken longer then I have seen other people do but I love a super crispy skin. I salt and pepper inside and out and put a cut up lemon inside and squeeze the juice of another lemon on the outside. I have a few potatoes roaming about so I will cut up some red potatoes and put around them, they can all roast at the same time. I love onion so I cut up one onion inside and another cut up outside with a clove or four of garlic. I use onion and garlic like some people use salt and pepper. I will pop it all into the oven at 2 pm at 350 degrees and will serve it at 5 pm.

I am not making a loaf of bread because if I can’t have any no one can. I am still in phase 1 of south beach so I haven’t make bread once this week. I normally bake a fresh loaf every morning but the smell is just so yummy I don’t want to be tempted. My husband is starting to whine about the lack of bread but one more week and I can start to add it back in.
I must go and clean my living room so I can pretend it isn’t always covered in cars and trains. :)Have a restful Sunday.

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