Monday, March 17, 2008

Lost my mojo

I think I lost my mojo. I can’t seem to cook anything or at least I have no desire to. Ahh well I am gonna have to get it back as I have not been cooking all week! I think I may have the answer in treat day. I found a recipe for triple chocolate muffins that sound divine. I will post when I make them, I have to go to the store a get cocoa powder first, as it is not a staple item for me. I don’t usually need it as I normally only use chunk chocolate and rarely make a batter out of it.

Due to the fact I have not felt like cooking I have some veggies that are looking sad so I figured I would make a goulash type dish and use everything up.

2 green peppers
1 sweet yellow onion
4 cloves garlic (you could use less)
I softened all that up and then browned
1 lb ground buffalo it has no fat so it didn’t add a lot of grease like hamburger would
If you use hamburger I would cook it first drain the fat then add the veggies to soften
2 large cans of chopped tomatoes with juice
3 T basil
1 t sage as it seems to have a strong taste I use less
1T ground pepper
It is almost like a pasta sauce but I thought pasta would not be great so I added
4 c veggie stock I use organic whole foods brand
2 cups rice
and just let it simmer on med heat for about 45 min because the water didn’t boil like regular rice it takes a few extra minutes to get the rice soft.

UPDATE: Hubby did not love it he said it was bland but with my cold i thought it was good.
so if you wantto make it you can spice it up more to your liking.
I made it early in the day to feed my husband when he comes home for lunch. He works about 4 min away so he usually comes home for lunch. I don’t feel like making bread this early so I can’t make sandwiches.

A note about buffalo- I love it because it is so low fat. The first time I cooked it I was amazed that no fat dripped off! I always cook hamburgers in a George Forman grill so it is not so fatty. We also prefer the taste as it is just a nicer feel in the mouth, that sounds weird but it is hard to describe. It is a lot like hamburger just less fatty. I usually get it at whole foods they have it in the meat dept but now that I have my new butcher I was so pleased he carried it as well. It is about the same price as lean hamburger. I even made simple burgers for a little group dinner and we didn’t tell them what the meat was till dinner was over but everyone wanted to know what I did different, they all were surprised it was buffalo. They all loved it.

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