Friday, March 7, 2008

WOW 300 people have seen my site!!!!

Wow, I am so happy that so many people have looked at my site. I have had so many changes to my life in the past month and I am happy that people want to see how and what I am cooking. Thank you so much for being there. Thanks for putting up with all my errors as I learn how to blog. This has been a great month and I promise to add more pictures and get better at my punctuations!

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Kristen.C said...

Hi...I happened upon your blog off of a comment you posted on another site and didn't see a way to contact you via private message or email. I'm a moderator at a site called organic grocery deals and when I saw you are interested in going organic I wanted to invite you to check out the site. It's free to join and participate- I'm not a spammer or anything and you can delete this comment after you read it if you'd like. We are just trying to find like minded people who are interested in choosing an organic lifestyle and not breaking the bank to do it. I think you'd fit right in! Hope to see you there!