Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It is treat day again and I decided to make a simple chocolate chip and walnut cookie. I discovered my hubby has eaten all the walnuts but I went to the store and got more as I think the cookies need it. I forgot to make a yummy last week so this time I thought - easy but fun. I decided to make them jumbo size to make them a little different. Instead of using a tablespoon I will do a ¼ cup that is a nice size for holding I thought. I decided to go fancy or unique as home cooking seems to be most popular; they still seem perplexed by the pumpkin cookies.

I am so happy that they like my treats. It makes it fun when I am appreciated even for something simple. I know the parents out there can understand that. Now I still need to make dinner and the kids are fighting ahhh, normal life. Have a healthy and happy day.

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