Tuesday, March 4, 2008

rice cookers

I am a lone wolf, at least that is how I feel lately regarding kitchen gadgets. Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t have a rice cooker? Every blog I read and every site I visit comments on their rice cooker. What happened to using a pot on the stove? For about 6 mos last year I lived in a 20 foot long trailer it was about 7 feet wide. I had 1 husband and 2 kids living with me so it was slightly crowded. My kitchen (including storage) was about 2 feet total, no you read that right, 2 feet. I learned on this voyage what a person REALLY needed. I was surprised to discover I didn’t need a lot. My large and luscious kitchen aid mixer was in storage as it was the same size as my stove. I had a mini rechargeable mixer system that hung on the wall to replace it. I also had no room for extras like a salad spinner or extra appliances. I had 1 nonstick fry pan and one larger cast iron pot for everything else. That is right 2 pans. Now I am in a larger place with all my bits and pieces and I wonder what I did without it! I do not however have a rice cooker. I am wondering if I need it as I never needed one before but I am thinking I need what the rest of the pack has. I love kitchen items. I read kitchen magazines with lust in my heart. Napa style catalog has so many types of salt I have no clue what they are for, but they are pretty. I pour over the catalogs dreaming of what I need and then I realize I don’t need a two hundred dollar olive oil bottle. I think for now I will leave the rice cooker on the shelf. I make rice rarely so I probly don’t need one but I bet I will need it later after I dwell on my desire. I’m gonna need a bigger kitchen.


lowderra said...

See, I couldn't live without mine. But I grew up in Seattle, and now live in N. Virginia, and asian groceries, and good rice (the real stuff, not the fake kind) is everywhere.

We eat rice a lot. Buy some basmati or nishiki and try it. And don't shell out or the 200 dollar rice cookers. You can get one for 20 bucks at Target or Walmart and they are just as good.

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