Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring is COMING!!!!

I am so happy that spring is coming. It is 80 degrees in Oklahoma today. I have fresh veggies dancing in my head. I just found out about a farmer co-op here that I am trying to join. But I don’t know if there is an opening so I am waiting to hear. I miss light and airy veggies and all the varity spring offers. I love broccoli but I would like something else. I am excited to compare the farmers market’s here as opposed to out east in Delaware where I lived last spring/summer. I think that every state I have lived in has a different variety I have lived from Oklahoma to Delaware/ Maryland so I (favorite was Florida) have the east side covered. In the 13 yrs I have been married this is our 10th state so I think we should head to California next but I think we are settling in to stay.

I thought I would do a perfect boiled egg today as spring is coming and that is the eggy season. Also I haven’t posted anything about food and I am feeling guilty. I put as many eggs fit to cover the bottom of my pan, mine holds 14- oddly enough. Then I use cold water to cover throw in 2 T salt and bring to a rolling boil while tightly covered. Put heat on lowest setting after the boil starts and leave for 10 min. pull off the heat and run cold water over it. This should give you a lovely bright yellow yolk with absolutely no grayish tinge. Perfect for slicing in salads or any other egg needs.

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