Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Food of the Week - Brociflower

I have made a decision my food is dull. Yes, I cook many meals every week but I wonder is there more out there? I have been reading lots of blogs lately and realize as I meander thru Whole Foods I have no clue about certain foods. I was raised on mcdees and pizza then as a single gal on my own it was Raman or Mac n cheese (out of a box). The foods my mom did cook were fatty like real Mac n cheese and chicken and rice both are two of the best foods in the world and nothing compares after a bad day but I am trying to change how I think about food. Food was the most important thing to my dad if he was in a burning building and had to choose between his child or the pork chop, the pork chop would win no contest. My memories of my daddy are always food related. Trips are remembered for the food good or bad. So now I am going to try one new item every week. This week I actually got two new items brociflower was the first I had heard about it for years but never found it in a store. The other item is also a kind of cauliflower but it is purple so pretty. I got the purple as it is my friend’s favorite color and she was coming to visit so I thought it would be fun. In the oven I have the brociflower roasting with olive oil and salt. It just came out. OHHHHHHH the taste is amazing I am eating it just like I cooked it olive oil and salt. The taste is so different from boiling or mixing it with other items in a heavy cream. The taste stands out and it is perfect. A little crunchy and crisp but still soft so good. I roasted carrots last week so I am in a roasting mood. I may not share with my husband this is so good. I love not boiling all the good stuff out of the veggies. I roasted for 45 min at 350 yes some edges were crispy but I like that but if you don’t you could always cover them to cook. GO Roast that will be a theme in Oklahoma come summerJ.

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