Saturday, February 16, 2008

What makes a person ORGANIC?

Can a person who eats organic ever eat at a fast food restaurant? I am surprised at the anger some people have about this. I feed my kids as natural and organic as possible. I use fair trade items like sugar and coffee as I think everybody should get their piece of the pie. All people deserve a safe working environment. I also feel that when you buy local and organic it is better for the earth. I sometimes am running late and I run thru a fast food place. Panera Bread has a great organic selection but alas they are not in my town. I live in a tiny, I mean TINY, town which means if I want fast I get grease. I say does this make me a bad person? So if my choice is they don’t eat or they get something I wouldn’t normally feed them what would you do? I think that every person has the right to do the best they can without being mocked for being different. In my home I buy all organic, all natural and fresh as possible but if I need something and it isn’t available in an organic form I may choose to buy the item as is or I may not make the item after all. I choose how my family will live and I think everybody has the right to eat how they want. I welcome herbivores, carnivores, vegans, vegetarians that think fish is ok and vegetarians that don’t eat fish. Everyone has the right to be themselves. Don’t you think so?

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Kristen.C said...

I couldn't agree more! I see more and more restaurants are following suit and addressing customers' wants...hopefully fast food won't be too far behind.