Thursday, July 24, 2008


Why am I excited when I hate tomatoes? This is awesome salsa that is why. The hubby made it and that makes it pretty spectacular. It really is the best fresh salsa we have ever made. He chopped everything super tiny so the flavors really mixed well. We were unable to find any jalapeños at the market and we assumed it was due to the recall but we used some that had been pickled so it still had that great spice to it. I didn’t exactly measure it as we love onion so we added more and don’t care much for green pepper so we used less. I think you could add as much as you like and it would be yummy. If you like a lot of spice I would add more jalapeño. You could use a lemon or a lime for the acid and it would add another awesome layer of flavor. The way we did it it isn’t real “runny” but only has the juice from the melding of flavors so it taste really fresh and bright.

Hubby’s Salsa

3 tomatoes
¼ of an lg red onion
¼ green pepper
¼ c rings of pickled jalapeño
Big handful of cilantro
1 Tablespoon vinegar as I forgot to get a lemon
Salt to taste

Chop everything as fine as you are able. Mix it in a bowl. Add enough salt to help the tomatoes to juice up and flavor the salsa. Last step is to add the vinegar and then put in fridge at long as you can stand it. We only lasted about half an hour before we dug in and ate half, the other half is marinating in the fridge for tonight. I adore the scoops shaped chip more then any other type so that is what is in the pic. I am unable to find an organic chip in this town. I also haven’t found a good natural chip that I like. If you have one you like let me know as I am always on the hunt.

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