Monday, July 21, 2008

frito chili pie

Well as expected I had no desire to stand in the kitchen and cook. I soaked a bag of dried pinto beans (16 oz, I think) overnight. I rinsed them this morning and popped them into the slow cooker with a medium onion rough chopped in larger pieces. I prefer to have larger chunks so that as it cooks all day they don’t melt into the sauce to much. I covered the beans with water and set it on high. At noon I added about ¼ cup of chili seasoning and 3 cloves of garlic that I super fine chopped and smashed. I then served it for dinner over Frito chips with finely chopped raw onion and cheese with a dollop of sour cream. I did not get a picture as I am terrible at remembering to photograph my food. This meal was rapidly consumed by my entire family so I feel safe saying it was delish. I was worried about the pinto beans having a good flavor as I normally don’t slow cook dried beans but this week I am experimenting every day with a different recipe. Tomorrow I think I will try slow cook lasagna that looks so nice and easy. I normally make my own sauce but due to the ankle issues I am using a bottled organic sauce that I think is really good. I will go into it tomorrow.

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