Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 3 of Crock Pot cooking

I made lasagna in my crock-pot. The picture is with the lid on as it steams up my lens otherwise. The cheese looks all bubbly and the noodles are peeking out,so i thought it looked tasty. I normally make my own pasta sauce but I really like an organic pasta sauce at the market so because of my bum ankle I assumed it would be fine. It is ….ok. Very plain, it appeals to my little ones but it doesn’t have the strong onion and garlicky smell and bite I am used to. I think the first problem is I was careless and grabbed the wrong bottle of sauce. I normally use an egg, cottage cheese and parsley mix and I only used ricotta cheese. It just seems flat. It is fine and acceptable I am sure hubby will eat it later as he is working late tonight. The recipe called for no spices AT ALL! What kind of a recipe is this? The sad thing was I was hurting and so I didn’t even notice the problem till it was too late. I still say this would be great if you tweak it a bit. I am going to post the recipe that I used with no changes.

Crock-pot Lasagna

1 lb bulk Italian sausage ( I didn’t use any meat)
1 26 oz jar of chunky pasta sauce
¾ c water
12 no boil noodles
1 15 oz ricotta cheese
1 8 oz pkg cheese (I used about 3 cups)

Cook the sausage
Add water and the pasta sauce together with the sausage
Start layering with the noodles and the ricotta cheese just like always except you are doing it in a crock-pot. I lined my crock-pot with a bag made for that purpose- it makes a huge difference in cleanup time.

Cover cook low for 4-6 hrs or high for 3 hrs

How odd is it no mention on onion or garlic? I would add it to the sausage or whatever meat you like to use and sauté it with some parsley, oregano and maybe a pinch of rosemary.

I still think this is a great option to pop in for dinner after work. This recipe is from the Better Homes and Gardens Dinnertime Easy Slow Cooker Recipe book.

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