Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My perfect dinner

I am feeling yucky tonight. I’m not sick just blahhhh. I made my second favorite feeling blah meal. My favorite is crepes and my next favorite is an egg sandwich. Not just plain egg but I lightly toast a slice of bread then slather strawberry jelly on top. No butter and NO grape jelly. I cook the egg until the white is set but the yolk is runny then add salt. I break the yolk on top the strawberry toast. To me this is bliss. It is sweet and salty and soft but crunchy but chewy. It is nice comfort after a long day. The kids love eggs for dinner because they love breakfast at night they always act like it is so silly.


JEP said...

I love eggs on toast, too..but never tried the jelly version. English muffins make a good bottom part...I like my egg yolks very soft & runny :)

organic mom said...

Thank you JEP. It is nice to know someone else like a runny yolk as my hubby hates the very idea and finds it gross. :)